Saturday, August 19, 2017

Education and High School, Learning Disability and Dyslexia, High School Exit Exams and Bullying

Education and High School, Learning Disability and Dyslexia, High School Exit Exams and Bullying

So what happens you when you go to high school and you spend most of your time in computer classes or the library, your school classes are pretty boring you get mostly A's and B's via report card

What happens when you end up getting a D in your Math Class, and you end up getting sick in Biology after dissecting a frog in your science class, You end up Puking and Throwing up in the Bathroom and get Severe painful migraines.

What happens when your school ends up being a bully playground for bullies, you end up getting bullied all though jr high and high school by the same bully (Ricky)

You do not like P.E and the only Sports you enjoy is Basketball
Your Elementary School ends up getting closed locally and replaced with Charter Schools

your life has now been replaced in the Black Stone
You end up getting discriminated on the exit exams and you fail them multiple times
what happens when your school is now a joke? you can't graduate, and if you are one of the Lucky Ones and you do graduate.

You end up on the Honor Roll all though jr high
You get a industrial Certification Award from Bank of America

What happens when you get Discriminated against on your first job 
you pass out on the floor, Now you never get Employed after making the Decision
of quitting that job thanks to a abusive boss.

You now end up losing all your money in your bank due to Bank Charges and Bank Overdraft Fees
You now end up Unemployed for 40 years.

You now can Scream it's Pin and Needles Sewn into a Life.

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